Futile enlightenment

Here are few facts that will never get you grades but always good to know.

- Company of a man can make a woman look younger and more pretty. No wonder all pretty girls either have boyfriends or are already married.

- Femur (the thigh bone of human) is one of the strongest things you would find.

- It’s impossible to lick own your elbow. Now don’t try that, it looks gross.

- It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

- The roar (of ocean) that’s heard when a seashell is held close to the ear is the sound of blood rushing through the veins in the ear.

- Inside 2/3 of the cities in India, bicycles travel faster than car. Probably why France promote bicycles inside city.

- About 80% of a typical day is forgotten.

-The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven.

- “Goodbye” came from “God bye” which came from “God be with you.” Do we really mean it when we say this?

- Farts are flammable. Next time stay away from fire.

- The chances of dying on the way to get a lottery tickets is greater than chances of winning the same lottery.

- The word “colorful”, is read on your lips by a deaf man as “I love you”.

These are the things that I’ve either heard from friends or read on the Internet. I have not researched on the facts for its authenticity. I just found them worth mentioning here.


  1. the roar of the ocean - huh- didnt know that
    liked the one on Goodbye
    wow - colorful is read as i love you by the deaf!!

    nice collection of interesting trivia

  2. "Inside 2/3 of the cities in India, bicycles" .. . Liked this one, very true. Maybe cuz of the increasing traffic and the jammed signals after every 5 minutes. Good post :)

  3. @ Aakash: Ya, that's true.I checked it out myself. Thanks.

  4. Nice post.
    I love the idea of hearing our blood rushing into our ears as the sound of the ocean! Imagine that! (I might use that somewhere some time).

    And colourful is awesome!

  5. @Apeetha Ravi~ thank you Apeetha. It did surprise me in the beginning. It has to be true though I have my own doubts at it.
    So be careful when you say colorful next time. :)