Song of a captive.

Today morning, when was hurrying down my lane to my work place, I heard a sweet cooing of a bird. I stopped for a while hoping to find the bird in some branch near me. After having looked around, I realized that it was not on any branch but at the house nearby. The more i stood listening to it, I couldn't resist but kept moving towards the house.

I was thrilled to spot the beautiful bird (I’ve no clue on what it’s called), like a performer on stage, head all thrown back, singing to glory. It is one of the best morning scenes that I’ve ever seen. I stood there, relishing the sequence of single notes fill the air with happiness.

But that feeling was ephemeral. The moment I realized the beautiful bird was in a cage, my heart sank. The song that spread happiness until now had turned out to be an intricate cry of a captive.

After all, how would one enjoy denying of its freedom? The justification to keep a captive is yet another enigma. The owner in this instance, claims to be the protector of the bird. She says, if let out, the bird will not survive. She is scared of it being predated. May be she cages her own children too because she protects them as well.

To deny of someone’s freedom and take control, I thought was barbaric. Though we hold on to the concept of freedom being our birth right, we still have captives like this poor little thing.


  1. I dread seeing a caged bird. We take away all its happiness. And return nothing but gloom and sorrow.
    Nice post.

  2. song of a captive is such a deeply touching title

    and the post did take us on that journey

  3. @rajuda ~ me too. well said. thank you.