The Life - Sentence

On a thin paper, is there a saga.  
Sentence I am, part of that tale,  
Starting in caps, period it ends,  
Scribbling across, all in my part.  

Standing  as  one, spaces  apart, 
Senseless at all, the letters I use.
Grouping it once,spacing it then, 
Deep in a mind, they play a role. 

Putting  across, the  tale  of a life,
Beauty of which,a moral it holds, 
Neither in ink, nor on the stroke, 
Is that I care,but choice of words. 

As thin a paper,a sentence it holds,
Brief in it's length,but conveys  it all.
On a thin paper,the sentence I am, 
Written with love,is part  of  this tale.

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  1. with ur meaningful words u have expressed what u have to say..Good to see a Dr. penning poems.. Happy Easter.Smiles:)GOD<3U

  2. Back to your writings after a very long time. Loved this poem. It is soulful and sounds straight from your heart. Keep writing :)

  3. Great blog! Thanks for the follow :) Following you back now

  4. Beautiful poem! Esp loved these lines..."Neither in ink, nor on the stroke, Is that I care,but choice of words"

  5. beautiful poem! Good use of imagery :)

  6. awesome poem, Leo. Simple words, yet lot of meaning in them.

  7. Thank You aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar.

  8. Words tumbling out to the absolute delight of the reader!!!

  9. Interesting allegory. the pun on the caption is equally interesting.

  10. Always a pleasure visiting your space, Leo. A very simple and soulful poem. Loved it. :)

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