It's Time for The Award Ceremony.

Thank you for nominating me for the award and it is an honor to receive it from mastros like Deepak Doddamani(World of Deepbaazigar) and Sowmya Swaminathan(My Space)
Let me quote the rules that are passed on to me along with the award.
1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post


I have the privilege of passing on the award to the 15 wonderful fellow bloggers. It has always been a pleasant experience reading and following your blog.  Cheers!!

The nominations are:

1. Sujatha Sathya for her straight from the heart Conversations.
2 Anshul Dutt for the sating Pixel Buffet.
3. Nisha for the Random thoughts & Kaleidospcope.
4. Aakash for expressing the Unexpressed Thoughts.
5. Dr Roshan for his theorem on Godyears triangle.
6. India's No: 1 Blog for pulling the Humor Unplugged.
7. Saru Singhal for sewing magic with Words.
8. Raj for his amazing skill at fu-ck-lo-ve.
9. Jane and John Doe for those Seven and Countin years.
10. Suzy for spreading Colours of My Thoughts .
11. Neelam Kamdar Bhamani for bringing out whimsical me.
12. Gargi Guptha for her magnetic G2.
13. Shanoj for sketching the Rainbow-the colour of life.
14. Alka Narula for her Random blog that is Deep From My Heart .
15. Apeetha Ravi for coating with Colour Soot.

Now the 7 random things about me:

1. I easily get lost in a new place but will never forget the place where I can find good food. Friends ask me for the best place to dine in town. Good food served with lots of love, that makes my day.
2. I once went on a date with a girl who was engaged to someone else. But we called it a treat. ;)
3. I walk really fast. At times people walking with me find it difficult to keep up the pace unless I consciously slow down for them. 
4. LeoPaw is a pen name. If you can sleuth a little, you will be able to find my real name on this blog. 
5. I can fix a lot of defective gadgets. But almost always, lot of parts remain outside in the end. 
6. I had once gone up the stage unaware that my trouser zip was left open. That turned out to be one of my best orations.
7. I've spent ~5 hours at a stretch with a patient admitted in ward and she taught me how to craft a basket. 

Now its time for rule 2 and rule 5. I'll be doing that in few minutes.
Once again thank you Deepak and Sowmya. 
Congratulations dear fellow bloggers. 
Love You All.


  1. You are so like me for the first one and love you for the seventh one...:)

    Congratulations on the award. You truly deserve it, saying it on the basis of two of your popular post which are work of genius (Romantic Hypnosis and Urns.) Awesome blog, keep going like this ever and forever...:)

    Thanks for the award:) :) :)

  2. Congrats Leo for the award. I truly love your posts especially the ones related to love. Keep up the good work, Mate :-)

  3. Congratulations Leo on the awards :) you totally deserve it :)

    now i am busy figuring out what your name? is it Bithin?

  4. Congrats on the nomination buddy :) and thanks a zillion again for nominating me...god bless you..
    tk care..

  5. Congrats to all 17 people :)
    Special kudos to leopaw for appreciating and acknowledging other bloggers :)

  6. Congratulations Leopaw!
    And those 7 things about yourself are so interesting! Loved the 7th one!
    And thank you loads for nominating me for the award! :))

  7. congratulations leo paw you really deserved the nomination,your blog always has something fresh to offer,i love going through your posts,keep up the awsome work
    and thank you so much for nominating me:)this is my first such nominatio means alot to me

  8. Thanks Leo for nominating me. Your random things list is intriguing and amusing at the same time. Random thing#5 is something we have in common.

  9. Thanks a lot.. will get on it. loved the random facts.

  10. Truly honored to receive the nomination from you!! It was the first thing I saw this morning as I woke up and it made my day:)))
    You are very gifted and I have enjoyed reading your posts. You deserve the award of "The VERSATILE Blogger"!!
    Congratulations and Thanks once again:)

  11. hey congrats on the award ! you deserve it hands down . . its a pleasure going through your blog :)

  12. have earned your award..liked the idea of awarding it forward..

  13. Congrats Leo on your nomination! You are indeed versatile!

    And Thanks a ton for nominating me. I am honored that my blog finds a place in your list of nominations. As far as I am concerned, that in itself is an award for me. So, Thanks!!!

  14. Congrats and loved reading the post :)

  15. Oh wow!!! Thanks a lot LeoPaw [or b__th__n ;)]!!! This is just our second award and we love you for it... We are so excited (Jane came home hopping, skipping, and jumping in joy!) and you asurely are one versatile blogger ("Urns" is one of my all time favs!)

    Congrats and Thanks once again for nominating us!!! :)

  16. Oh! And I forgot to add, do you still remember how to craft a basket???

  17. Leo Paw,
    I am also happy to nominate you for a blogger award. Please visit the link

  18. congrtz b__th__n ?
    loved 7 things about u :)
    and thank u very much 4 nominating my blog .

  19. hahahahah I am sorry but I laughed really hard on the 6th fact :)


  21. Hey Leo Paw! First thing first. Congratulations- Well deserved :) Now, Thanks for the nomination, I just came to read this post to congratulate you and was shocked upon seeing my name.I'm honored :)
    The random things about you are really great:) When it comes to walking, we can compete!
    So did you just say "Love you" all :P

  22. congrats Leo ..

    oooops my name is not in the list :P lol .. kidding

    7 things about you .. were really very interesting!!!


  23. Hey Leo Paw, thnx soooo much fr the award man... really humbled at the honor.. thnx so much fr the same :)

    N even though I'm not as smart as I claim to be, I'm proud to hv found the name to b Bavotasan.. ;)

    Thnx soo much Leo Paw :)

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