I lost my wisdom!

Today, let me tell you about my loss. I lost my wisdom at around 11.10 in the morning that too around 40 km away from home.

The procedure began at 11 in the morning. The shot of the local that knocked down the sensation on my right part of my mouth including the tip of my tongue, made me sense nothing other then a feeling of somebody trying to stick a tooth pick between my teeth.

The final two minutes, the time when the doc manipulated the tooth with pressure, I nearly screamed out aloud. I even thought I should just jump out of the table and run. But I knew there was no choice.

The verbal anesthesia he instilled, held me on to the chair. Every time his hands made a move I felt it deep in my jaw bone as if it’s going to split into two. Finally at the end of the second minute, I heard a “click” from some where near my right ear and that was it. He changed his instrument and with that he held my wisdom tooth on the right side and it was out in seconds.

I’ve had a dental extraction, that too the last molar which is supposed to be extremely painful post operative. I’m here blogging, absolutely painless (or at least I’m not ready to accept the pain) despite deliberately skipping the analgesic that I m prescribed.

May be it’s his expertise in the procedure that has made it possible. Or is it just because of the confidence that I have in him that’s masking the pain? But whatever be the reason, I m happy for having lost a problematic tooth with just two minutes of pain and discomfort. 

So dear 2012, here I come in few hours into your arms without the so called wisdom, that hurt my cheeks for nearly a month. 

Wish you all A Very Happy New Year!


  1. I liked this.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. hehehe a post on a lost tooth :D

    happy new year to you LeoPaw

  3. a very Happy new year free from tooth ache :P :D
    and a hilarious post of a painful experience

  4. he he that was an amazing post . . tooth ache can be too troubling esp if its wisdom tooth . . but well thanks to good doctors out there ;)n btw happy new year :)

  5. Hahaha.. I gt both of my 'wisdom teeth' n ppl claim I only possess none of the first n too much of the second :)

    Thank u so much fr the award n so sorry fr replyin back.. been travellin fr most of last month n cud nt reply back as much as i wanted :)

    Here’s wishing u n urs a fabulous n prosperous New Year in 2012..

    Happy New Year Leo Paw :)

  6. LOL...I had bad pain in my jaws but it was not because of teeth. I got my nose pierced and my entire jaw was in pain for a week... I can understand:)

    As far as wisdom tooth is concerned, I don't have one;)

    Happy New Year:)

  7. *Smiles*
    Happy New Year minus Wisdom...

  8. clean work...
    Have A Great Year Ahead... :)

  9. Dentist's office, my second home..:D
    Wish you a very happy new year!

  10. a very happy new yr Leo .. and may god give you all the wisdom in coming years :P

  11. Awww I hope you feel better soon. I hate dentists and hate dental procedures.

    Wishing you a dental procedure-free year. Happy New Year. Thanks for dropping by my space.

  12. Now a Doctor is feeling the fear of other doctor.

    ha ha ha... this was something nice.

  13. Ha,Ha nice one!It sure hurts and what timing!!Happy New Year, belated!

  14. like what Neeraj's comment. true, isnt it Leo? nice observation by him :)

  15. ouch this was 1painfilled post...hope u ok now...i dunno for some reason am not getting any updates from ur blog..when u write a new post i dont get the notification even tho am a member on the site:(

  16. I am scheduled to lose my wisdom next week! Nice reading :)

  17. Lol...

  18. I salute you for getting through that dental procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction can be really painful, but your dentist handled it very well. Trusting your dentist helps the both of you.

    @sliceofmylyfe: Your post bothers me. May I ask, why do you hate dentists and dental procedures? BTW, That Couscous looks really tasty.

  19. good post…

  20. classic…

  21. Interesting…

  22. Nice one LeoPaw! :)
    I love your posts! keep them flowing!

  23. very nice post..

  24. amazing...