A weird prologue

Most of you who know me and my job, might think I’m gone nuts. Ideally I shouldn't be sitting here and keying these texts at 10 in the morning. All because of strange decisions I take in life that I know is good for the majority but not for me. And those who do not know me, its easy; I'm simplified as an odd youngster, confused with weird ideologies.

I always think I should stop following the majority. Even though the other side is equally nice, why do people like me don’t dare to take it up most of the time? May be this question will never get an answer as long as I remain a coward. But how do you expect a dedicated citizen of a democratic country to not follow the majority? I’ve got to disbelieve that the majority wins.

I’m not jobless, I'm a medical tutor on leave. After the so called hard work I did last year, like my colleagues, I took a break. Even after days, I don’t have a clue on why I chose to do so. After a lot of traveling and having loads of fun with family and friends, I'm still left with unplanned 2 more long days to kill. The worst part is I’ll have to spend it alone.

Every time I thought of the next two days, I drowned in agony until my search for a boredom buster brought me here. I hope this will keep me engaged for a while and in the process I’ll get to talk about my life and people around.

After I resume my work, I don’t know how often I will be able to do it. I love my job, I love to teach (poor students of mine). So when I work I prefer to be a workaholic, that’s were I’m a minority. And when others take a break I got to take it too, the majority part.

If you like my posts, pray that people around me should work hard so that they take breaks often. Every time God hears your prayer I’ll be here with you, hunting for each of the jumbled up alphabets on this keyboard. I really wish it was in order.


  1. wishing the alphabets on the keyboard were in order? :))) am i hearing this for the first time!

  2. @Sujatha Sathya ~ :). I seriously wished it was. Initially, I felt running a marathon was much easier than typing a paragraph on computer. But now things are gradually improving.

  3. Beautiful post! Ofcourse, I love going through all your posts on this blog. Never knew you were a tutor though. Hope you share some more beautiful experiences of your life out here, take care :)