A beginning!

Hurray! I made it! After a long 5 hours of struggle I finalized a layout and I’m publishing my first post. Never thought I would be able to do it this quickly . 

I’ve heard people say “life would have been miserable if computers were not invented”. I just realized that for people like me, the misery continues even after years of its invention.

Every time I try to demystify it, I get lost. Even after a long session of memorizing commands and terminologies, many a times I fumble in front of this screen. After all, why is it named ‘command’ when you are actually choosing among the things what the computer wants to do? If you ask for something else it denies doing it!

Not to mention about the terminologies and language, they are mere nightmares for an average computer literate like me. Why did somebody want to frame a different language when ours is a much better one? I, in my first attempt to try designing a web page, 2 months back, I had to retype a complete page because I forgot to close a bracket before saving. Only now I realize the value of symbols and punctuation, which I often use at the wrong places.

I love to talk. I’ve been doing a lot of public talks for quiet some time. Only disappointing part is that it is almost always on a topic that others choose. From today onwards, that limitation disappears and here I can talk on any topic of my choice, no matter which number the short and long hand of my clock points to.

The Blogger's way of expression is new to me. As I continue to explore things, I’m falling in love with it. But to start off, I had a tough time fooling my brain that I’m actually talking with my ten fingers.

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