My Cuppy-cake

The Cuppycake Song 
#Singer: Amy Castle( 3yrs old) 
#Lyrics and Music : Judianna Castle.

A simple (not really), yest so lovely piece of work by a cute little girl that takes you right back to your innocent childhood. Since I heard it first on my best friends mobile, 4 years back, it is among the most heard songs in my play-list. Amy's age when she sung this makes it all the more special and dear.

You're my Honeybunch, 
Sugarplum Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, 
You're my Sweetie Pie 
You're my Cuppycake, 
Gumdrop Snoogums-Boogums, 
You're the Apple of my Eye 
And I love you so and I want you to know 
That I'll always be right here 
And I love to sing sweet songs to you 
Because you are so dear

Amy Castle

Amy castle, the little girl singer must be around 21 now. A  singer, guitarist, actress, dancer, gymnast, film maker (short films & editing) and a FOODIE. The cuppycake girl is currently a youtube partner on her food and restaurant series, “What’s Amy Eating?”.


  1. going to check this one out. didnt know about the cuppycake song

    btw, looks like m ur 50th follower :)

  2. Ohh, I used to love it! Thanks for reminding :)

  3. aah what a sweetheart!

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  4. @Sujatha Sathya~ You are the first to comment on this blog and now you are the 50th follower. Glad you mark the milestones of my blog. Thank you... Hugs...

  5. @Cherry~ Thank you Cherry. Sure I will vote.

  6. I used to sing it. I heard it at someone's place. Few things touch your heart...:)

    Thank you for sharing:)

  7. i heard it on my roomie's phone and a few days later there wasnt a cell in the entire hostel( including mine) which hadnt saved it and/or set it as their is so damned cute..:D

  8. Hi Leo Paw :P
    Happy to nominate for this blog award

  9. Luv this song.Thanks for the video.She luks cute then and great now.Nice to know that she owns Restaurant Series.Thanks for sharing.

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  11. @Saru Singhal~ Thank you.

    @Priyanka Mohanty~ That was the same with my friend too. Thank you.

    @Christy Gerald~ Thank you.

    @S.R.Ayyangar~ Thank you.

  12. @deepbaazigar &
    @Sowmya Swaminathan
    Thank you both. Its an honor to receive it from truly versatile bloggers like you.

  13. Oh my, cuppycake was quite a rave for so many years! Lovely kid... I remember, it used to be my ringtone for so so so long...

  14. I dont remember how I came across this mobile tune but i have it on my mobile.Whenever a kid is crying their eyes out,I play this and it sort of calms them down.Even my husband loves this tune and we play this every now and then.Thank you for writing this detail about her and thanks for the lyrics.My husband and I are alwasy trying figure it out and memorise it.Loved the post.

  15. ohhh i loved this song but neva realy knew d exact lyrics...thnx fr sharing

  16. You're my honeybunch...whenever my phone sang this sweet song, it meant an equally wonderful person was calling and it evoked an unintentional smile on my face every single time...heard it first time 4 years ago [ like Leo Paw ;-) ] and it signals the same caller ever since !
    Btw, great going Leo Paw, keep up the good work !